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Birthday Busyness

It’s my birthday tomorrow! I don’t make too big a deal about birthdays, but I will be eating a lot of delicious food and playing games with good friends.

My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I was already getting the best present of all, my dear friend Sarah visiting for the week. But since you asked… well, I sure do like this resin.

On Monday my parents came to town to celebrate with me and I opened my present. Oh my, he’s even more beautiful in person.


This is the beautiful Morgan Stallion Covenant Renewed. Covenant Renewed is a stablemate sized, slightly reworked version of Covenant Kept, a classic scale resin by Chris Jolly. Covenant Renewed was reworked by Stacey Tumlinson.

I am so lucky to have gotten this gorgeous guy. He is just stunning. I am planning to do a rich dark bay color on him. But for now, he’s standing proudly on the shelf, even naked. I just couldn’t put him in my WIP cupboard.

Besides, I have so many horses in progress right now! I’ve been prepping, and prepping, and prepping. I don’t know if I’m really obsessive, or just slow, or if these resins are particularly needy. The answer is probably some combination of the first two.

With my friend visiting and the holidays coming up (I’ll be in California for Thanksgiving), things might be a bit slow around here. I’m excited to get to the part where I’m adding color and can share progress pictures!

Model Fun Day!

This Saturday Caryn hosted a little hobby get together. We all brought projects and hung out talking horses. It was pretty much the best thing ever. I got a ton of prepping done, Tracy painted medallions, Erin made saddle parts, and Caryn worked on customs and props.

Caryn working on her stablemate Arabian. Also pictured: delicious treats, mimosa, paint, ponies.

Caryn working on her stablemate Arabian. Also pictured: delicious treats, mimosa, paint, ponies.

Caryn was an amazing hostess, providing a veritable feast that kept us happily stuffed all day. Then she sent us home with chicken pot pies and cookies! We’re hoping to do more of these little get-togethers, but no one is gonna top this one for foodstuffs!

I got a ton done at Caryn’s, and then woke up today super motivated. I’ve got my resins and commissions in the works as well as a present for my trainer and a donation for NAN. There’s quite the herd in my In Progress cabinet. I hope to start putting color on them soon, and posting pictures of course!

Projects drying under the heat lamp

Projects drying under the heat lamp

Meanwhile, I still have photos from NW Congress to post (bored yet?). At the show I was lamenting that I couldn’t take enough photos, but processing and posting them all makes me feel somewhat differently :P Without further ado, here’s some of the pretties from the AR Mini division. Enjoy!

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NW Congress 2013: Custom Minis

Robyn and I had an amazing lesson this morning- Cochise was full of energy and perfectly behaved. My last ride on him was less than positive so it was really nice to get such a great one. We spent part of the time working on shoulder-ins (which he’s never done before) and then had a blast running a gymnastic line. Just a stupendous, fantastic ride.

Cochise and Emily grazed on the lawn while I emptied the trailer.

Cochise and Emily grazed on the lawn while I emptied the trailer.

I’ve been working on models almost every day, but it’s not the most blog worthy stuff- lots of nit picky prepping. Ah prepping, the necessary evil. And since I don’t have much to blog about during that, I’ll continue posting eye candy from NW Congress!

I’m definitely not the only one who loves painting and collecting the little guys. Check out these lovelies from the Custom Mini division this year.

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NW Congress 2013: Drastic Customs

Day Two of NW Congress was slightly more relaxing since I was done with performance. But I was on my feet keeping up with classes in three divisions and trying to document all the pretty ponies that were on display.

NW Congress divides custom halter into Custom Mini, Open Custom, and Advanced/Drastic Custom. The Drastic division is usually pretty small. Personally I wish it were lumped in with the others, but c’est la vie.

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NW Congress: Performance

Day one of NW Congress has the custom performance classes and halter classes for OF, Hartland, and Chinas. I was so busy showing I didn’t get to take that many pictures, but I do have a few to share.

I didn’t do that well in performance in terms of placings. Competition at NW Congress is top notch, and I still have a lot to learn! This was also my first time doing these new set-ups with Troy Soldier (Nightfox is taking a well-earned rest from performance). The judge was super helpful and gave me lots of great comments, so I’m excited to try these set-ups again. She particularly loved my cowboy curtain set-up, which was really awesome to hear.

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More pictures to come! You can also check out Tracy R.’s Picasa Album from the show.

Oscar Update

Oscar continues to be his delightful adorable self.

Oscar 1 - 7-3-13

The urge to photograph him is pretty irresistible, considering his epic cuteness. But it’s also hard, because he’s so friendly! As soon as you come into his paddock, he heads right over to say hi. So I get a lot of pictures like this:

Oscar 2 - 7-3-13

This one through the fence came out pretty darn cute-

Oscar 3 - 7-3-13

He’s got his baby teeth in now and is very interested in using them, although he generally drops his finds after a bit of chewing. He’s already messing around with mom’s grain even!

I rode early in the morning this week to beat the heat. Remembering the issues some of the horses at Inavale had with umbrellas, I set up this excellent obstacle for Cochise:

2013-07-03 10.50.27 copy

He only refused it once, which honestly is fair, considering. But then we went over it many many times without issue, so I was very proud. He was really more afraid of the noise the tape made when I attached the pool noodles to the standard.

I’ve actually been working on my model horse projects quite a bit, although I’ve been very bad about posting, clearly :P Among other things, my Saddlebred is really coming along- I would say she’s nearly ready to get a tail, but I just decided she needs her cannon bones redone again so back to the lab. But still… I’m very pleased with how far she’s come.

chrys 2.0 7-7-13

In addition to the obvious- new mane, removed tail, turned head, and shortened hooves- she has new muscles on her right shoulder and hind quarters, new hocks, new cannon bones, refined fetlocks, new ears, added face and jaw detail, and correct mare parts. She’ll also be getting veining and wrinkles :) With any luck, she’ll be in clothes in time for a live show in September.

Inavale Farms Horse Trials 2013: the rest

I did continue to take pictures during the rest of the horse trials, although not as many as during the Beginner Novice cross country. But I did get some more good ones so I thought I’d share those as well.

After the Beginner Novice level was the Novice level. Robyn came to watch with me which was extra fun. We particularly liked this horse:

IFHT2013-N-rough draft

This pair finished 2nd in their division

You can’t tell as much from that picture, but he was a big dude- he looked half draft. He was listed in the program as “WB” and named Half Draft, and I like to think that supports our hypothesis. As with the Beginner Novice, there was a pretty decent variety of breeds in the Novice level.

IFHT2013-N-massive qh

This massive mare was listed as a Quarter Horse, but we couldn’t believe it. She was enormous and awesome. I’m not a big QH fan but one that looks half-draft? I’m listening!

There was also a few gorgeous Connemaras (and Connemara crosses), two Morgans, two Appys, and a horse whose breed was listed only as X (who we particularly rooted for).

A lot of the obstacles in the Novice course still looked pretty easy, as fits the level. Many horses refused at this step-down, however- it’s not particularly high but because of the shape of the hill, they don’t see it til they’re right over it.

This guy was unfazed by the obstacle.

This guy was unfazed by the obstacle.

The one part of the course that I was most impressed and surprised with (impressed that Novice folks could do it, surprised that they were asked to) was a step up with a tough turn to a large log oxer in the tree line. A number of riders opted to circle after the step up in order to get a straighter shot at the second jump, even with the lost time. I know I would have!

This pair opted not to circle and started the turn immediately after the bank- and at speed too!

This pair opted not to circle and started the turn immediately after the bank- and at speed too!

Only a few strides after the bank was this jump:

Not a great picture, but with the tree-line location and the proximity of the bank right before, I didn't have a better angle.

Not a great picture, but with the tree-line location and the proximity of the bank right before, I didn’t have a better angle.

At least one pair got the striding wrong and lost point here- we saw one woman land half off, cling to her horses barrel for a few minutes (while the mare stood patiently, thank goodness) and then give up and plop to the ground, disqualified.

The next day I was back at Inavale again to see the Intermediate and Prelim cross country, and catch a bit of the Beginning Novice stadium jumping. Unfortunately, most of my pictures from the Intermediate level didn’t come out. But I did snap this one the day before of the Intermediate water obstacle.

IFHT2013-Inter water jump

That’s a bounce between the logs and then about a four foot drop into the water.

Amazingly, that jump was one of the least difficult ones for the Intermediate riders- I didn’t see anyone have a problem with it in the whole division. The Prelim level fences were also extremely difficult. I couldn’t believe this line:


But damn, they made it look easy!

Later in the afternoon I went over to the show jumping arena to see part of the Beginner Novice. Inavale has some of the most amazing, colorful jumps:



The thing that proved the most difficult for these jumpers wasn’t an intentional obstacle- it was the umbrellas of two spectators sitting by the first jump.

This gelding was a total packer in the XC phase, but he could not get past the deadly umbrellas and was eliminated.

This gelding was a total packer in the XC phase, but he could not get past the deadly umbrellas and was eliminated.

I had made a note the day before to get a hold of a few umbrellas to jump Cochise near. This only made me more resolved to get some and desensitize him. I’m planning to ride tomorrow, and if I’m really lucky, I’ll get out to the Inavale XC course too.

Here are some more pictures from the cross country phase. Again, if you want to use these for reference or documentation you’re welcome to them.