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RITNY part two: Customs and Original Finish

When the first two divisions finished up, we moved on the OF Plastic and Custom halter divisions. There were lots of gorgeous ponies out on the tables and made me itch to start painting again. I’ve got two horses in prepping stage that refuse to be ready, but every prepping session gets me closer (I hope).

Check out some of the shiny on parade, and a few ribbons for my horses too :)

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Original Finish Eye Candy – part two

More judging, more drooling. Oh, for unlimited money and space…

Stone Horses Country Fair 2009 SR Seeker – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I am such a sucker for rat tailed Appaloosas. This guy has a realistic but still wildly spotted pattern, and nice details too.

Little Horse Show 2011 SR Piccolo – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I love the Pebbles Arabian, particularly in bay, and the twitched head and swishy tail just seals the deal.

2008 Ebay Store SR Alano – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I don’t really like the Chips Drafter (I think he’s rather too leggy) but this golden sheened chestnut with a swishy tail is striking and anyway, he could be shown as a young stallion not quite grown into his legs. I could make it work…

2008 Jubilee SR “Ruth” – photo from Stone Horse Reference

Can you tell I love the swishy tails? And such a lovely dainty grey.

CollectA Appaloosa mare – photo by EMK_horses

I’ve been seeing more and more of the new CollectA horses by Deb McDermott in the model horse world. The Appaloosa mare makes a nice Mustang, and I’m a fan. I’d want to customize one but I think they break my size rules, so I’ll just admire. I like the CollectA Arabian and Thoroughbred mares, too.

Stone Horse Country Fair 2009 SR “Crystal” – photo from Stone Horse Reference

One more Pebbles Arabian, with just a hint of rose grey on the hips.

I’m finally done with judging. Most of my recent free time has been spent working on holiday gifts (crafty!) or on job applications. In this economy, I’m not holding my breath, but at least I’ll put out some feelers. I’m lucky to have a job, even if it isn’t as dynamic and intellectually stimulating as I’d like.

I’ve been listening to the BBC Rado Sherlock Holmes Stories, which are great. I just finished “Shoscombe Old Place” which actually involves race horses. I think Shoscombe would be a good name for a jolly hunter horse- like the lovely custom Roundabout resin that Jennifer Buxton is working on.

Original Finish Eye Candy – part one

I’m currently judging 3 different OF photo show divisions for MHOSS and IMEHA. That means lots and lots of eye candy! I don’t collect OFs, and don’t want to start, but looking at all these pretty ponies is a nice way to arm-chair collect them…and in all sizes, too!

Since I’m getting to oogle all these nice models (and quite busy doing so!) I thought I’d post some of my favorites. These photos are NOT from the shows themselves, but other photos of the same models I’m admiring.

PS Chips Mini Me Par T Time – photo by spirithorse21

Pintos are not usually my favorites, but the combination of the conservative tobiano with the beautiful honey bay is just drool-worthy. Plus the Chips Stock horse is, imho, greatly improved in character with a turned head and/or swished tail.

Breyer G3 Cantering Warmblood in dark palomino – JC Penny 2007 SR – photo by PrincesMilady on flickr

I love this mold, and I’m a sucker for dark palominos.

G3 Thoroughbred RR in rich bay – photo from identifyyourbreyer.com

This picture does not do the model justice. This mold is really complimented with by the simple but rich bay color.

Palouse Echo in red dun – photo from Stone Horse Reference

This is one of my favorite Peter Stone molds, and the red dun is just delicious.

PS SR Hamilton in dapple steel grey – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I’m not usually a fan of the Peter Stone Arabian, but this steely grey is rather scrumptious.

Mini Third Times the Charm from the JAH SR Mini Connesieur Collection – photo by Dorothy Graham on Pony Lagoon

Despite it’s flaws I have a real soft spot for this mold, and with that lovely Conn-quality chestnut paint job she is a real heart-stealer.

All this oogling makes me want to get at my customs, and as always I am experiencing what I call “Customizing ADHD.” I am always starting more and leaping from project to project. There are so many unfinished or about to be started equines! But first, I’ve got to finish judging. And maybe do my laundry…

Nostalgia Time

The last weekend had multiple live shows around the US, including the NW Expo Model Horse Show in my hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. Back in the day I used to show in the novice division at this annual show. And since then I love to visit and see all the shiny ponies, even if I’m not showing. This year the show happened to fall on the weekend my in-laws were visiting, so I didn’t get to attend.

In the hopes of seeing pictures from this years show, I went to the show’s website. I’m sure that Tracy Durrell-Khalife, the show’s host, is still busy getting in the results to NAMSHA and it was overly optimistic of me to hope for pictures already. I didn’t find 2011 pictures, but I did find sometime else fun… two fuzzy pictures of my 12-year old self at a past show!

Setting up my OF Spotted Mule for the Longears Championship judge-off

The grey Brighty on the right is also mine, and is the only model of my childhood collection that I’ve kept

These were fun to find. I actually think Tracy has a picture or two of me winning NW Expo Novice championships, but I couldn’t find them on her site… I think I’ll email her to see if I can get a hold of them. Meanwhile I’ll maybe add one of these to my new About page.

Random Collection Picture

These guys are two of the four in my OF collection. They live on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. On the right is Mirabel, a Safari Mythical Realms Unicorn baby, and on the right is the Safari Flower Fairies Pony, Gavin.