Bell tails

Today I took a long time to work on models as a reward for hard work earlier this week and because I really wanted to listen to Pride and Prejudice on audiotape.

I was inspired to restart an earlier project on a different mold. Early in my customization career I attempted to make a micro mini standing stock horse into a mule. This failed in all sorts of interesting ways, but I still want a mule. I was able recently to purchase a PS Chips Mule cheaply, and during Chemistry of Art I was daydreaming about making him into the mule I had imagined.

I wanted to give my mule a belled tail but needed references. It turns out that the belling of a mule’s tail is a tradition from the army. Newly recruited mules had their tails shaved to show that they were untrained. By the time it had grown out they had learned to pack, and were given a tail “bell.” When they could pack and drive, they had two bells. They received the third bell when they were also broken to ride. My mule will of course bear all three.

My mule is in an ugly stage at the moment but I will post pictures when he is presentable.

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