General Progress, fixatives for pastel work

This weekend I finally completed a project I have been working on since December. I am really pleased with how it came out, especially after some spectacular failures, but I am waiting to post pictures etc. until the new owner has opened her gift.

I got a lot of pony work done this weekend- it’s really nice to have several projects going at once, all at different stages. They all sit on the shelf right above my desk, where I am most of the time, and inspire me to get my homework, etc. done so that I can sit, relax, and bring them to life.

Left to right: Schleich Percheron stallion, MM Cantering WB, EquinArt Creations Pewter Rearing Horse, customized G3 SM ASB

Here are the four beasts currently being painted. The big Schleich Percheron (now a Suffolk) is basically done, while the others are mostly in early stages.

I think — I hope — I have finally found the proper way to spray and fix pastels. Like many people, I cannot get a hold of Testor’s Dullcote locally. I wanted to find an alternative since I am too cheap (and too small scale) to buy it online. I experimented with different Krylon fixitives, and finally this is my method: I spray the model once after pastelling with Krylon Workable Fixitif, let that dry (2 or more hours) and then spray again with Krylon Matte Spray. This method firmly fixes the coat of pastels and then provides good, firm “tooth” for the next layer. This has solves many of the frustrating problems that have plagued me, and made darker colors with pastels much more achievable.

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