I haven’t been finding much time to play with my ponies lately, which is disappointing. I did finish up one little custom, and when I say little, I mean about half an inch high. This is Maggie Bennett’s pewter running foal from EquineArt Creations. Isn’t she adorable? I pastelled her in baby black with blue and greys underneath. Her name may or may not end up being “Esmerelda.”

Unfortunately, my camera is not good enough to photograph micro minis well, let alone the foals (it’s a Canon Powershot SD400 Digital Elph). But luckily my housemate Sarah has a lovely Nikon Coolpix S630 which did a great job. If my camera dies before I have enough to buy an SLR, I think I’ll follow her lead on the Coolpix. It also handled the delicate lighting issues of model horse photography quite well.

Oftentimes I use my computer screen as a background for pictures (saves on printing and makes finessing the background very easy) but I was having trouble–maybe that is a problem with the Coolpix–and so I printed out the picture I wanted. Here’s what my set up looked like:

That’s my super high tech stand, aka a tissue box. I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

Speaking of photo shows, I was finally able to access the IMEHA website (it’s been down, alas) and see my April results. It’s funny how fickle showing can be. My Spanish Mustang Corsair, who was Spanish Breed Division Champion in March under one judge, this month didn’t even place in his breed class! My results were not terribly exciting but I was tickled that one of my latest customs, Smithden Freya, won her small Clydesdale class, and against larger scales too.

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