Finished: dun Azteca mare

Thanks to my beautiful new teeny tiny brush, I put lovely little white markings on the Azteca mare and she is now finished. She has a snip over that extends to her chin and two hind coronet markings, along with detailing on the hooves. I have some name ideas for her but haven’t decided.

I have about two weeks of college left and I am suffering from serious Senioritis coupled with an acute desperation for my horse and the company of cats. These are my notes from class today:

So I came home and put in several hours of pony time, although I have little to show for it…yet. The Azteca is getting her final coats of fixitive, and two others (palomino ASB and chestnut MM cantering warmblood) are starting to resemble horse colors. My English saddle and bridle remain a strange and uncompleted experiment. My Chips Mule now has something resembling a bell tail, although not yet dry. And frankenfoal remains lumpy, yearning for proper musculature.

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