Desktop disaster zone and the Best Way to Spray a Micro

Somehow I made this much mess in under an hour of work. Wow. Fridays.

I’ve got my lovely Rembrandt pastels out for some colors not included in my Earth Tones set- pink and orange for creamy palomino goodness! In the upper left corner of the shelf you can see a picture of me with my first real love, Jaime. And what’s that below the picture? Let’s zoom in…

Pony torture?

Egads! But really, the thread noose is the best way to spray fixative on a micro mini! Usually I wear gloves for spraying fixative, but with a guy this small it would mean that half of him wouldn’t get sprayed. And although I have been known to gayly spray my hand as well as a model, I try not to. By using the thread noose, my horse gets well sprayed with an even, light coat and my hand stays relatively safe. And for the record, he’s not that scary orange color… I’m actually quite pleased with how his coloring is turning out.

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