Tool Review: Needle Files

I am getting closer and closer to having everything packed and ready to go… now I just need to get the Chemistry final and graduation ceremony out of the way…

I have not been working on my models (in fact, they’re packed away) but I thought I’d recommend my latest tool purchase: The ten pack of Needle Files from Hobbylinc.

I love using files for prepping and sculpting because then I’m not constantly using up and throwing away sandpaper. Plus, files have more precision- particularly this set! There are ten different files of different sizes and shapes, and each one does a great job working in those little places where sandpaper and fingers can’t reach. There are square files, round files, flat files, roundish files… it’s great.

Not only do the files themselves have sanding edges, but even the handles have it- so you have a LOT of things to work with. Plus, they all come in this nifty little package.

I’d never ordered from Hobbylinc before, but I am quite satisfied. I was even able to call and quickly talk to a real person (!) when I realized I had the wrong shipping address in my order. These shipped quickly and arrived in pristine condition.

This set was only $7.89. Even though shipping was kind of a bummer ($5.95, even though this could have shipped easily in a padded envelope) the purchase was well worth it. And economical- I won’t have to buy sandpaper nearly as often. So making the one $15.00 purchase is going to save me a lot of $3 and $4 Home Depot runs.

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