Cool Ebay Find

I returned from Turkey late on Saturday night and am back to working full time on getting our apartment in order before I actually start work. Things are definitely coming along although I don’t have any models or studio stuff out. Today might be the day, however- I acquired a huge piece of carpet to cover the basement floor with, I just need to cut it and move it. Then I can start getting things better situated down there.

Yesterday I spent lots of quality time shopping for, among other things, a spoon rest and kitchen timer. But I wanted fun items, not boring ones, so I eventually turned to Ebay. There I found a great spoon rest and multiple fun timers.

I also looked around for salt and pepper shakers and found this awesome pair. They’re awesome! I want them, not to use as shakers, but to add to my model horse collection. They are so cute, and realistic, too (unlike this terrifying beast). They remind me of the sweet Hagen Renaker donkeys. The seller thinks they might be by Relco out of Japan. For a model horse collector it’s kind of a bummer that the shaker holes are in their necks, but I’m not sure where else would be better, either. And they are oh so cute…

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