I have been working full time to get my new apartment set up and on Monday the actual job begins. My studio is slowly coming along- it is now carpeted and has some shelving! -but I still lack a table to work at. Plus I have a million things to do around the house that are superseding my pony time. Until now.

I am just about to send in my entry for the Mid-Valley Classic Live Show! This will be my first live show in… well, I’m not sure, but last time I went to one my mom drove me. So it’s been a while. I’m very excited. The show is August 21 in Albany, OR and I will be attending with my dear buddy and comrade in collecting, Robyn. So now my customs and other things in progress have an exciting deadline to meet. I plan to take this afternoon for pony time, even if I have to dig through boxes and work in the dining room!

Back in the day, my pride and joy was an OF Cream of Tartar named Doc Holliday after the real POA stallion.

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