Back in the Saddle! er, studio chair.

This week I started my new job and had four days in a row working 7am to 3pm with a 1 hour commute, but I was able to get a bit of time in the studio none the less. Now that I am motivated by my upcoming live show, I have been looking over my horses with a more appraising eye. Currently I am working on improving my chestnut Trakehner mare, Doublet, so that she is show ready. I’ve got her coloring improved (and one problem area hopefully fixed) and now I just need to go back through with my new tiny brush and add better hoof details. Also, I’d really like to present her like a real Warmblood horse “in hand” like in this picture.

A Warmblood shown in-hand with bridle

I pulled out one of the Stablemate sized people I had in my body box and am starting to work on transforming him from a baseball hat wearing cowboy to a well groomed handler. Alas, that means cutting off most of his head with an exacto knife in order to resculpt hair. Ouch!

Doublet and lobotomized handler in progress, Hans

I also got two pastel coats each on my centaur and Chryselephantine, my palomino SM ASB. The centaur is battling me as to what color he should be: first it was light palomino, then bay, now a dark palomino. He is still at a stage where it’s flexible but soon I need to make a decision! I’m also waffling about how much I want to go back and “edit” previous paint jobs- when does it stop being improvement of an individual model and start being destruction of the timeline of artistic growth?

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