Excuses and Palominos

I apologize for my absence and lack of posts or progress- I’ve been training at work doing 12 hour shifts and this weekend we completed our home with the addition of two wonderful kittens, Bookcase and Frances. So I am just a wee bit distracted!

Bookcase is the black and white and Frances is the grey torty

But I have done some research on palominos so that I could decide about my centaur’s coloring. I don’t want him to be bay because then his sculpted on “leather” armor will blend too much. I think a palomino coat will contrast and complement it. But since the model seemed to be asking for a darker coat, I poked around a bit looking for more references.

This is the original main reference picture I had, when I had decided to do him as a very light palomino.

Isn’t he a beauty? Of course, palominos can be even lighter than this, nearly white at a distance, but I like darker and more solid colors. Here’s another palomino- very golden. This is one of my references for my American Saddlebred in progress.

The golden above is sort of the “classic” palomino, but they can be much darker too, enough to be confused with liver chestnuts or silvers. While looking for darker palomino pictures I realized that the term “sooty palomino” is used predominantly in the model horse world and not so much in the real horse world, where this color is simply “dark palomino.”

Once I figured out what terms to use in my search, I found some lovely examples of dark palominos to use for my centaur. Now if only I could stop watching frolicking kittens and actually descend to the studio…

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