Tiny progress

I have managed to make some studio time in the last few days and have been working on a project for the live show. I want to show in performance (who knows when I’ll next attend a live show) but I don’t have that many horses, and no complete sets of tack. I am hoping to make an English set for my micro Appendix Quarterhorse “Rugby,” but we’ll see. I thought an “easy” (har har) little performance project would be setting up my Maggie Bennett rearing horse pewter as a bareback bronc, ala this picture.

Without the people of course! I’m not totally crazed. But a little. After several hours of work I have created tiny, tiny rigging with bucking strap and string cinch. The picture is terrible but at least shows the size (but it sounds like a digital SLR is in my future, hurrah!). I’ve been really making use of my tweezers and new, sharp exacto knife. Here’s a little tip that was invaluable for this project- using an exacto knife on a glass surface makes cleaner, sharper lines. Just buy a frame at Goodwill for $.99 and slip the glass out.

Here’s a little to-do list for pre-show month:

  • Finish rodeo set up including arena, backdrop, finishing touches on tack
  • English tack set for Rugby
  • Finish painting my SM American Saddlebred
  • Make necessary reference cards

I tried to keep that short and sweet and thus manageable. I’ll keep ya posted…

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