Progress: live show reference cards

I have finished the bareback rigging set for my little MM Rearing Horse but I’ll wait until I have a decent camera (Nikon SLR ordered yesterday!) to post another picture. I haven’t actually fully tacked her up yet, but I’ll wait to do that twitchy work until I can be rewarded with a picture. I have found a suitable background that will work for both a photo show backdrop and also part of her live show scene. I’m still waffling about exactly how I want to do the arena/base.

Although I haven’t made too much progress on actually horses or tack, I have been working on creating reference cards for the horses that need it. I wasn’t sure how important reference cards were (I haven’t live shown in nearly 10 years, i.e. when I was a kid) but the always-helpful folks over at Model Horse Blab assured me that anything out of the ordinary was a good reason for one, and that it couldn’t ever hurt.

I have a tiny show string, but seem to have a large percentage of ponies who need references for both breed and color. I have my Italian Heavy Draft mare, a very dark liver chestnut Suffolk (normally Suffolks are that bright red chestnut), a silver bay Shetland, an Azteca A, and now a Waler Horse.

My Waler (his breed newly assigned) is my chestnut CM MM Cantering Warmblood “Rugby.” I originally was going to show him as an Appendix Quarterhorse (QHxTB) but I wanted something more fitting and interesting. Plus I was attached to the name Rugby but couldn’t imagine a horse with QH blood with any less than a three word name. (Don’t get me started… I actually know a poor mare whose name is Tonto Bar Skip. Ack! No original name of her own at all).

I didn’t know much about the Waler Horse when I started researching- I actually started by looking into the Australian Stock Horse, which is a separate but often confused breed. The Waler descends from the horses which the Australian cavalry used in the Second Boer War and World War I. These horses come from the same roots as the Stock Horse but are larger and sturdier, as fitting a cavalry mount. The two breeds are now bred and recognized distinctly.

The historic Waler cavalry mount

Cool huh?

Progress is slow on my ASB as I wait for fixitive to dry and then forget or get distracted. But it is so hot today I don’t want to ever leave the basement, so hopefully soon she’ll start looking more like a horse!

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