My new camera! And progress on live show goals

Whee! The camera arrived and is oh so fabulous. It allows me to accurately portray what I’ve been working on lately. For one, my ASB is actually starting to look like a horse! and a palomino at that. She has about a million coats of pastels and a few of acrylic to go, but I am pleased so far.

Look at the focus! The sexy background blurring! I have been waiting to re-do all my photo show pictures until after the live show and until I can invest in good lights, but this camera is making me want to do it now! It’s going to upgrade my photoshowing ten-fold.

Alas, this mare’s coloring is not as smooth as it seems in the picture and she barely has any color on her legs, so that’s the next step. But I find it so much easier to work when I can start to really envision the final product.

This afternoon I started working on an English set for Rugby, my cantering MM Waler. The more I work with leather, the more I love it… it’s so soft and supple and easy to cut and work with… it’s just glorious and I start to imagine how people can make the amazing tack they do, given enough time and skill and practice. Here is a decent picture (finally) of Rugby and also an hour’s work: his tiny headstall, made from one heavily skivved split piece of leather.

I am starting to develop my own techniques for working with leather. I have two exacto knives that I use heavily- a sharp one for cutting and a very dull, wider one for skivving. I also use 300 grit sandpaper for skivving, which really helps to achieve a similar thickness throughout each piece. My glue of choice is generic tacky glue which works fabulously (another great thing about leather). I apply it with a little piece of wire so that I don’t end up with huge globs everywhere. At this scale, the bottle of glue is going to last me forever.

This progress is exciting and I hope to get a bit more done before I leave for the weekend (and see my real horse!) And now, some gratuitous kitten goodness.

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