Crunch Time Commences!

My boyfriend left for Portugal on Saturday morning, leaving me a bit lonely and eager to fill my time with earnest doings. I have thrown myself headlong into prep work for the upcoming live show- less than two weeks now! I had today off and managed to get quite a bit done, particularly because I bounced around from task to task as glue dried or fixative set.

On the left are three dioramas in various stages of completion. They are good examples of how I am constantly reusing, re-appropriating, and experimenting. I’ve got one made of styrofoam, one made of floral foam in a plastic box, and one made of a mini canvas box thing that I acquired at Goodwill and repainted. Hopefully each of these props will have a time to shine at the show.

In the middle is my palomino ASB, Chryselephantine. She is in progress but getting closer to completion every day, which is exciting since I have been working on her (or a version of her) since December.

Below Chrys is my new pride and joy, an English set for Rugby (the chestnut on the right). I am very excited with how much detail I was able to get into these and still keep the scale. You certainly can’t see in this picture, but the saddle is complete with skirt, knee rolls, and keepers on the stirrup leathers. I will have to wait til the good camera returns from abroad to show it off fully.

On the right are two experimental and unpainted MM scale jump wings, which hopefully will become part of a Show Hunter entry for Rugby. On the far right is Rugby himself and his tack “stunt double.” Especially at a small scale, it is so valuable to have a body so that you can apply glue and do other sketchy things without risking the show models finish.

Since I have been able to finish a tack set for Rugby I want to get him into all of the English classes, so I’m brainstorming on not only the hunter set-up but also low level dressage, natural trail, and something for “other English.” Egads I am excited!

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