Working hard…

I am hard at work on all the different performance props I need for Rugby’s debut. This was the carnage on my studio table last night. It looks better now, and more like props than like a hobby store vomited.

Speaking of which, I have found a lovely hobby store which also advertises itself as the largest in the northwest. It is pretty expansive, with everything I could want and more. I was particularly excited to finally find the elusive Testor’s Dull Cote, which I’ve been wanting to try. I don’t want to put it on my in-progress ASB (too many horror stories about switching fixitive mid-project) but I put a layer on one of my bases which I will be pastelling. I hope it works the wonders I’ve heard!

One response to “Working hard…

  1. My workspace tends to look like this, too. And when I am at my best, only I find the supplies and tools on it – there is nothing like a bit of creative chaos.

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