Tack! Props! Photos!

I am oh so proud to say that all tack, props, and customizing in these pictures was done by me! It was my goal when I got back into model horses (as an adult) to make it about crafting and creation more than collecting (and the financial aspects of that). Sure, I spend money on materials, but I make a huge effort to stay inexpensive, use cheap ingredients, and always do as much as I can myself. These pictures are the result of hours of work but the materials in them are not expensive: I used scraps of leather from a book-binding friend, natural material from outside including dirt for bases, paper towel for the saddle pad, paper for the jump cups, etc. This approach to the hobby makes it all the more fun and challenging for me.

Well, I’m not going to finish my palomino ASB by Saturday (I’m not even going to try), but I’ve got some lovely performance set-ups and that is something oh-so new and exciting. I still need to print references and pack (eeks!) so this will be the last post until I return on Sunday. I’m hoping to have some tutorials, etc. posted in the next month.

3 responses to “Tack! Props! Photos!

  1. Very nice! I’m all about cheap materials too. :D I especially love being able to make tack and props out of recycled stuff. It may not look the “best” and probably isn’t worthy of the showring, but gosh darnit I’m going to TRY, if I ever make it to another show. *lol*

  2. Selfmade tack and the like are *always* worthy of the showring, in my opinion, as long as you tried to work them as cleanly as you could. It is so much easier to start with something you just bought and put it on the table- but the fun is greater if it is all your work. Also in a nice and detailed set up it even has some chances of getting nice comments or encouragements to improve. (At least here in Germany) Says one that usually avoids shows, LOL.

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