Happy New Year, and a return to blogging

Thanks to urging from the talented owner of Ivorytower stables, I have decided to start blogging again. I want to focus on the model horse hobby as an activity of private enjoyment, and one that doesn’t need to involve oodles of money.

With that in mind, I’ve changed my stable name from Sandbox to Shoestring, to remind myself that this is on the cheap. And it’s Shoestring Stable, not Stables, because I want to keep my numbers small so that each horse is treasured and important. I’ve added two new tags to my old posts imported from the previous blog: “cheap thrills” and “tips & tricks.” Hopefully those will help others join me in my quest to enjoy this hobby with low prices and lots of fun do-it-yourself adventures. Also check out the Links & Resources page where I posted all the sites, forums, etc. that I regularly haunt as I continue my quest.

Picture by the talented Nichelle of Desktop Stables

5 responses to “Happy New Year, and a return to blogging

  1. Yay! Ooh, thank you, it was already fun to have urged you. :)
    I will follow your posts most interestedly.

    The cat is cute, btw. and the horse has nerves of steel to stand so relaxed with a fearsome tiger so close behind her. *g*


  2. Hehe, the pic is mine. :) My cat (Kitty) always appears when I start doing anything model-related. She’s got to help! :D

    I’m glad to see you return to blogging. I liked reading it as your focus is similar to mine. I love DIY projects, especially if made from things found around the house. I’m looking forward to your posts!


  3. Hee that’s very cute of your cat – probably she wants to make sure that you take a lot of great pictures- because she is in them. *g*
    I bookmarked your site now, too, will start reading through it.

    Likely the both of you might get some comments on older posts from me, too, as I progress with reading – they say the weather will be very bad, so reading interesting blogs is a nice occupation then.

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