Remake progress

I am having a bit of a crappy week but I hope to spend much of this weekend working on models and distracting myself from the aforementioned crap.

Several of the models that I have been sculpting for weeks are nearing completion and will be ready for painting to start. I have been having so much fun with the sculpting aspect of things that I have barely done finish work lately. But soon I’m going to be overflowing with models needing paint work. I like to work in these batches, with lots of models needing sculpting or paint, because I can go slow and rotate around, working on each one each day and still having plenty to keep me occupied. Otherwise I work too fast and bad things happen.

This is Alpo, a snotty little pony made from the G3 Highland. He’ll be painted a very white grey.

This is a PS mule with a new belled tail. I’ve redone that darn tail about 5 times but I think this time I might actually keep it. He’ll be a chestnut with pangare.

The G2 Shetland with a less neurotic headset, new ears, tail, and knotted mane. She’ll be a semi portrait of my friend’s adorable rose grey Welsh.

I love to chop up stablemates. My original idea was simply to use the back half of the G2 ASB with the front half of the G1 Morgan mare (left) but then my friend told me I should put the two remaining halves together too, so the model on the right was born. Colors, names, and breeds are still undecided, and I have a lot of sculpting left to do on these two. The model on the right is my first to require massive muscle re-sculpting… I’m learning lots, and fast!

Mostly the above models require sanding, sanding, more sanding, and a few little tweaks. I also have a G3 Cantering Warmblood who I hope to start today; he’ll be a warm dapple bay. I may also get feisty and try some acrylic body work on my another (uncustomized) G3 Highland pony.

Model horses are great therapy.

One response to “Remake progress

  1. LOVE the ponies! :D

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