Cheap Thrills: paint and pastel mixers

Thursday was my last day of work (that’s a good thing) and I left work with a little prize for the studio… drug bottle tops! I’m all about re-using stuff, and these little, recyclable containers work well for mixing acrylic paints and for short-term storage of pastel dust.

Just a few from my stash of bottle tops

You can mix acrylics on pretty much anything, but I like having something that is otherwise trash and is nicely shaped for mixing, scraping paint, etc. But even if you don’t have access to tops from medications, there are other options for handy paint mixing containers around the house (and in the recycling bin!).

More handy paint mixers: juice tops, jar lids, salsa containers.

Things are a bit slow around here, studio-wise. I did actually finish two horses but that’s only because they had been in the nearly finished stage for a long time and just needed finishing touches (I have a few more in this stage that I should get finished). My big project right now is planning and making plexi-glass doors for my model shelving that will keep my destructive cats out and still let me see and enjoy my collection. That will slow down the actual pony output for a bit (blog too) but will be totally worth it. Whee!

This is what happens when the cats are left alone with a jigsaw puzzle.

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