Leather dying

Yesterday I spent some crafting time with a friend who has been my leather guru. She is a book binder and graciously gives me her scrap leather to use for model tack. What is a scrap to her is quite a big piece for me, so it works out wonderfully. She recently introduced me to the magic of leather dyes, and so I brought over some tack that needed dyed edges.

Leather dye can be fun and creative, and really add realism to a piece by matching the cut edges to the nice color of the tanned side. And leather dye isn’t as expensive as I thought, at least in single colors. And once you make the investment, it will last you a long time.

Unfortunately, my inexperience with leather dye and general clumsiness resulted in the partial dying of the red parts of my ASB show halter. I tried to salvage it but eventually gave in and dyed the whole thing black. It is still a nice piece, but not as fun fancy-schmancy as it was with the red and black browband and noseband.

Then I came home and checked my RSS reader, and read this post from Four Corners Tack: Four Corners Tack: How I make my bridles.

She cuts out her pieces and dyes them before assembling the tack. How brilliant is that? Or how stupid am I to think it would work the other way? Once I get my shelf unit done and the studio back into working order, I’m eager to remake the red and black show halter with this simple new technique.

The ponies look down from their temporary home with my kid's books as Boyfriend and I work on modding my shelf unit.

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