New Shelf Unit is Done and Filled!

Wheee! It is not the most professional looking thing ever, but it’s practical and inexpensive and allows me to see my models, access them easily, and still keep them safe from curious and destructive cats. Hurrah!

This picture really shows how small my collection is compared to my collection of bodies and in progress customs. I can only count 17 finished customs, plus one OF Hagen Renaker. Everything else is waiting to be worked on!

2 responses to “New Shelf Unit is Done and Filled!

  1. Cool, that’s a really neat solution. I think you did well.

    What is that horse made from metal(?) next to that purple figure? Is this a horseshaped picture-frame?

  2. Yes, that is a horse shaped picture frame! I found it at a thrift store. I plan to adapt an idea my artsy friend had and filled the picture frame part with stalks of hay. I just haven’t been home to see my horse in a while (too long!) so I haven’t been able to get any hay.

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