The importance of details on a WIP

I’ve been sneaking in about an hour a day in the studio and today I have three horses with drying fixative sitting on my stove.

The two on the left are done, modge podged for sealer, and now just getting a final coat or two of Matte Finish. The G3 WB is a pastel WIP.

Yesterday I did something very important: I painted (in acrylics) the hooves, eyes, mane, and tail of two in-progress customs who are nearing completion on their pastel coats. One of these is Nightfox, the G3 Warmblood above. For me, painting in these details around this stage (when the horse’s color is 1/3-1/2 way done) is crucial. Without at least “sketching” these colors in, I can’t tell if I have really gotten the main body color the way I want it. Yesterday it was hard to tell how Nightfox was turning out, because he still had a primer-white mane and tail and white hooves. It was visually awkward and distracting, so I couldn’t judge where I needed to go with the pastelling. Now, with dark brown mane and tail, black eyes, and grey hooves, I can really see the bay he is turning out to be.

As you can see, when I do this first cover in basic acrylics I don’t worry about perfect coverage or tone (look at the bare spot where his tail meets his haunches). All I need is something close enough to how the finished product will look so that I can get the rest of his color where I want it. Then I go back and concentrate on the details, like adding growth lines on the hooves or better tones in the tail.

On a side note, I really like this mold. For one, it’s a new mold that needs minimal prepping. Two, it really looks like a horse that would be pleasant to ride- he moves like horses do in little girl dreams. And thirdly, that tail is darn handy for holding while you paint!

2 responses to “The importance of details on a WIP

  1. Oh, these are some cool projects!
    Did you combine two figurines for the centaur or did you sculpt the human-part of it? If so, I am going to be even more awestruck about it than I already am. lol.

  2. Well, yes and no…
    The centaur is made from a Papo Centaur with some customizing and a new head. The original had a tiny head and an weird ugly face. He also had a weird mane thing all the way down his back, which I hated. So I took off his head and replaced it with a porcelain one, resculpted his back, and made him new hair. I’ll post more pics soon :)

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