Eye Candy

I was going to make a legit post today but now I’m all bummed out because my lovely WIP dapple bay fell over right after I sprayed him with Dull Cote and his finish is damaged all the way down to the first few pastel layers.

So instead here are two of my all-time favorite model horses.

I have this pictures saved in my model horse folder as “Most Amazing Horse ever.” He is a Victrix resin customized by Jenn Kroll for the 2008 NAMSHA Auction. This photograph is by Jenn Kroll. A quick search in the Equine Resin Directory tells me that his name is Red Alert and he is owned by Julie Sparrey.

Amazing horse number two is by my favorite customizer, Sue Kern of Sakori’s Customs. He is a customized Peter Stone Standing Draft Horse owned by Sharon of Emerald Meadow Stables. His name is Zeus and you can see more drool worthy pictures here.

2 responses to “Eye Candy

  1. Oooh no! What a bad luck with the bay horse. He was coming along so nicely – I hope you can help him to a speedy recovery, so to speak.

    Wow, they are wonderful! I am more into haired horses so the chestnut is my favourite, but the draft is so awesome, too, I would not mind having him at home, either. *g* The owners must love them to pieces.

  2. Argh, they always manage to fall over JUST when you’re about to finish them don’t they?
    Red Alert’s one of my all time favourites too – he just oozes personality and every time I see photos of him I just expect him to move!

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