Horse Shaped Objects

I try not to acquire too many HSOs- it’s so easy to find them you would shortly fill up your house. Plus many are rather disturbing. But I did recently find one that I really liked- a horse shaped picture frame. He was at Goodwill and I couldn’t think of what I’d actually do with him but he was so endearing that I picked him up. My artsy designer friend came up with the idea for “finishing” him.

This weekend I drove home to visit my horse Cochise, and while I was there I filled a little baggy with hay. Then last night I filled up my picture frame to make a little hay belly horse. He’s happily sitting on my bedroom bookcase next to my other large HSOs- a Trad. Brighty (the only remaining horse from my original childhood collection), a large pseudo-Chinese porcelain horse from my great-grandmother, a wacky wooden horse found at an estate sale, and the adorable crocheted stuffie portrait of my own horse.

Speaking of my horse- as usual I took lots of photos of him that turned out badly, but I did upload a few of them to my Useful Pictures gallery.

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