Progress pictures

Ponies waiting to be sprayed with fixative earlier this week. The Chips Pony, SM ASB, and Pebbles Arab are all very near finished, which the other two are just in their first layers. Lurking in the background is my owl sugar bowl.

Yesterday’s line up for fixative. All but the grey are on their final layers of matte fixative before I add metal shoes and gloss the eyes. They’ll be done just in time to be photographed with the good camera, which is returning from Europe with my husband tonight.

I loooove the G3 SM Pony and I’ve got three in progress. The snarky pony on the left (code name “Alpo”) will be a white-grey. The middle pony is a simple custom to a flaxen chestnut. The pony on the right has had his legs shortened and barrel lengthened, and will eventually be a furry mini, most likely a bay like this adorable beast. There is actually a fourth, a simple CM done in acrylics who showcases perfectly how terribly I am at blending acrylics. She will at some point be done over in layers of pastels to blend the fugly into something presentable.

And finally, my adorable kittehs, pictured here keeping my company in the basement studio. They sleep in a box of stuffed animals while I work away at my table.

One response to “Progress pictures

  1. Awwww, very snug looking moggies at the bottom there! ^^
    I like the look of that Chips pony and the G3s!

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