What About Markings?

I am nearing completion on several models, including my dapple bay G3 Cantering Warmblood. The horse whose color he is loosely based on has no white markings, but I can’t decide if I should give him any.

Nightfox in his current state, with no white markings.

Marvelous Intrigue

Many of my model horses have minimal or no markings, and I thought maybe I should break the mold. A bit of searching online and I found this gorgeous Morgan stallion, Marvelous Intrigue. Maybe I should use his hind socks and a face marking- although I’d go for a thinner blaze.

I like to use image editing software to help plan out my customs (that could be a whole other post full of pictures) so I used the picture of Nightfox and put on some markings.

…with a star

…with hind socks and a star

…and with hind socks and a stripe or thin blaze

Thoughts? I’ll think about it for a few days and maybe put a poll on Fallen Leaves. Meanwhile I’ve got a bunch of horses to finish up that all need little nit-picky details like glossed eyes or nose pinking.

One response to “What About Markings?

  1. I like the last one best I think. His base colour’s beautiful – really nice and rich.

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