Off Topic: Thrift Through Crafting

I’ve been busy and away from the models for the last week while my friend was visiting from Washington. I was looking forward to spending some time with my plastic ponies today, but chores and errands trumped. I did spend time in the studio, but I was doing crafty chores.

As with my model horses, I am always looking for ways to stay thrifty in my regular life. Crafts and crafting skills are extremely useful in this endeavor, particularly when combined with thrift store shopping. You can get many of things you need with some creative thrift shopping and crafty alterations.

Yesterday I made buckled, belled collars out of felt and wire for my four cow napkin holders (a thrift store find) so that we can tell whose napkin is whose. Today I added scrap fabric to the bottom of a plastic storage tub (Goodwill) so that it wouldn’t scratch our wood floors when we pull it out from under the bed. Then I painted a little plastic box (Goodwill) with my acrylics to identify the game tokens I intend to store in it. I’m still working on a few cross stitch projects (a delightfully inexpensive craft) which will be framed (thrift stores have great frame selections!) to give as gifts. Five bucks and some quality time can make a really nice, heartfelt, personalized gifts.

I hope to get back with the ponies soon, but I love how crafting sneaks into life in the most useful and satisfying ways.

Upcoming Pony Projects

  • metal shoes for Chryselephantine, my palomino SM ASB
  • halter photos for all the recently completed customs
  • start making tack again! (and now I have my own leather dye!)
  • work on frankenponies

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