Hobby Hodge Podge

Today I’m sharing a few fun things that I’ve found in my online hobby wanderings as well as the fruits of yesterday’s labor.

A member of the Fallen Leaves discussion group asked “What are your hobby rules?” I have always had my set hobby rules (at least, since I got back into the hobby in winter of 2009) but I had never written them out, which in itself was a good exercise. Check out the thread to see what other guidelines people have set for themselves.

The always-brilliant Laura Skillern of Don’t Eat the Paint replied to my question about paint storage (my post is at the bottom of the page, in the comments). I had no idea that mixed acrylic paint could actually be stored for future use. This could be revolutionary… if I ever get the nerve to try acrylic painting again. I would have to buy those special glass jars (egads! spending!) but it might really be worth it.

Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery is in Texas judging the Lone Star Live and posted some totally inspirational photos of Lyn Norbury’s performance entries. Everything in these pictures was made my Lyn- that’s my dream and goal!

The two pictures below are screenshots of Jen’s post. All credit to her and Lyn.

Correction: Jen says that these photos are by Kellye Bussey. The Lone Star resin is owned by Susan Hargrove with custom sculpting by Sherry Clayton, and is painted and shown by Lyn Norbury.

What phenomenal entries, made 100% by the owner! So cool. And that Hazel resin is totally scrumptious. As I said I found these entries very inspirational, and I’m happy to say that yesterday I did finally get some photos of my Trakehner mare Doublet in her new bridle with handler. Everything in the photo is made my me.

Doublet, chestnut Trakehner mare, CM PS Chips Warmblood by me as a semi-portrait of the Thoroughbred gelding of the same name owned by Princess Anne.

And yesterday’s other achievement, perhaps less exciting but still pleasing- a halter photo for my finished POA mare, Diamond.

Diamond, blue roan leopard POA mare, CM PS Chips Pony, a portrait of the real POA mare who taught me to canter at summer camp

It’s intriguing to note that both of these models are portraits- it sort of ties into my model horse rules #3 and #5, that all CMs are by me and I have to really love all my models or they don’t stay in the collection. Both of the above models are portraits of horses that I dreamed about as a child, so now I have them-albeit in miniature form-and my childhood dreams are immortalized and treasured. Here’s a photo of the real Diamond and one of the real Doublet, from The Encyclopedia of the Horse.

4 responses to “Hobby Hodge Podge

  1. Oh! Doublet’s bridle’s fantastic! The whole photo looks so professional. :D
    I still don’t have anything in that mould…hmm…this must be rectified…

  2. I love being included but need to make a little correction. The photos were Kellye Bussey’s and I used them with her permission while I was off judging a show in Illinois. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer! I’ve also just learned that the Lone Star was misidentified. He was shown by Lyn but is owned by Susan Hargove and Sherry Clayton did the custom work.

    • Sorry, Jennifer, another correction to your post on the Lone Star Resin. picture. All customizing was done by me, Lyn Norbury, Sherry only did the paint job. Thank you so much for putting this on your blog and for the kind words about my work.

  3. Wow, I absolutely *love* the chestnut mare and her bridle looks very good.

    The “hobby rules” thread is a very entertaining read, too, am currently considering if I have any that always apply- will post about them if I come to a conclusion.

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