Full Body Hairing Tutorial on Ivorytower Stable’s Blog

I have been waiting excitedly for Maren of Ivortytower Stable to do her tutorial on full body hairing. She has many wonderful customs done this way like this unbelievably adorable pony, Ymir:

And today she has posted the tutorial, in two parts: here and here. She has graciously posted these detailed tutorials in English, too!

Now I just have to acquire the proper pony body and some hair and glue and the fun shall begin! I want to use a Schleich or Safari body for the larger size, but I can’t decide because there are so many good ones. How will I ever decide?

While I was looking at those I also found two things I really want: a Safari brand fairy riding a snail and a Schleich Pony Carriage that would fit my CM pony Fritz.

It’s funny to be thinking about starting this project when I am very much in the awkward middle of turning a SM Highland Pony into a hairy beast, only with epoxy. And alas I haven’t put any time into him recently. Maybe tomorrow…

2 responses to “Full Body Hairing Tutorial on Ivorytower Stable’s Blog

  1. Oh thank you for featuring my posts! :D
    It depends on what kind of a haired horse you want to make, but if you want to go for a chubby, fuzzy pony, I’d pick the Haflinger, it is comparatively un-annoying to get rid of his long hair, too.

  2. Thanks Maren! I really appreciate your feedback! I was leaning toward the Haflinger or the Dartmoor- now I just need to find one.

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