Cheap Thrills: Thrift Store Paint Brushes

The other day I was very pleased to find, randomly (since they were with the Easter specials and not the art supplies) a whole bunch of unused paint brushes at Goodwill for an affordable $2.99.


One of the ways I keep things cheap is by finding hobby supplies at the thrift store- brushes, containers, foliage- all sorts of things are there if you look.

Not that I’m advocating that you ONLY buy brushes at Goodwill. I myself have indulged several (gasp!) six dollar brushes for detail work like eyes and hooves. But these cheapo brushes have many uses- especially if you work with pastels are are constantly mashing brushes into the horse with artistic ferocity. What I liked about this brush set is that several of the brushes (the ones on the left with the orange tips) are nice and stiff, which I like for pastel application. And if the bristles are too long, all they need is a little trimming with a decent pair of scissors to be useful. So four new pastelling brushes that could have cost me $4+/each instead cost $2.99 total.

Plus I got nine more brushes in the bargain. Cheap brushes of various shapes and sizes are always handy to have around in this hobby. I use larger, stiff ones for mane and tail details in epoxy. Soft ones are good for getting off excess pastel dust or dusting a model during a photo shoot. And everything in between is good for applying modge podge to Schleichs, mixing paint, or painting props. And any brush can be cut to the size you need.

As I’ve mentioned before, spending a bit of money on some nice quality brushes is totally worth it. But for many hobby uses, cheapo brushes are the way to go!

I did spend a bit of time in the studio this week, mostly doing epoxy work. My G3 Highland Hairy Pony is progressing- right now he is fairly terrifying with chunks of hair jutting out in some places and smooth OF plastic elsewhere. But those sad foal bits from a couple weeks ago are starting to become something else:

I promise to give it a head soon...

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