Saddlebred Show Halter: Redux

In January I learned a valuable lesson about dying leather when I ruined the red part of the two color Saddlebred show halter I had completed for my CM G2 ASB Chryselephantine (who at the time was not done herself!). I resigned myself to having an all black halter and put it away.

But today, armed with my own bottle of leather dye, I set about to redo the red parts of the halter and repair it to its original glory. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and look forward to doing a smart little halter set up soon.

My leather dye came with a dauber for application, but it is much better suited to dying a full sized halter than one for a stablemate model. I wanted a small brush to use that was dedicated to only be used with dye, so I grabbed one of my cheapo brushes from the thrift store and cut it with small sharp cissors into a pointed end. Then, out of my desire for orderliness, I wanted it to fit neatly inside the box with the leather dye. So I used much larger, beefier scissors to cut the brush off (I don’t need a long handle anyway) and then labeled it clearly with masking tape. So now I have a nice new leather dying kit.

Leather dye, dauber, and brush

4 responses to “Saddlebred Show Halter: Redux

  1. The halter looks awesome! I marvel at how cleanly you got it done. :D

  2. That halter is great! :D So little yet so perfect! I couldn’t do such a detailed halter for my classics to save my life. XD

  3. I must say, it took me a moment to gauge the scale! O_O

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