Sculpting, sanding, and show jumping cows

Today I finally got back to my hairy pony sculpt and a couple other put-aside pony projects.

When I last abandoned my pony he was pretty scary looking, as I was working in chunks to avoid ruining what I’d already done. I did the legs in one step, and then the shoulder, hip, and belly in another. His other side is still totally naked.

Ew. It looks like he has some terrible mange...

Today I made him look a little less scary by filling in his flank and armpit, and moving up his neck to his jaw.

Hairier, but still weird

This is still in the way beginning stages, and hopefully some day he’ll look like this:

While hairy pony was drying I did a bunch of sanding on two other in-progress models. It’s frustrating (and wasteful) when I keep having to re-primer models because they have little spot or lines or weird uneven bits. Maybe now I’ve got them all…

The ponies dry in the dish rack after there post-sanding bath

And I almost forgot… Luna the show jumping cow:

2 responses to “Sculpting, sanding, and show jumping cows

  1. Oh wow, hairy pony looks already pretty good! Go you, I can already imagine how he will look when he is finished.

    • Thanks! I’m rather pleased so far. I’m also working (slowly) on collecting the materials I need to do a full body haired pony. Yay!

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