Thrift Store Rescue

I went to Goodwill yesterday to get a few things for the house and I found a new friend that I needed to adopt and rehabilitate.

Observe teh blurry cuteness

As you can see he’s had a bit of a rough life- he’s missing an ear, has a few big chunks out of his mane, and a piece of his knee is missing. He needs my help!

How could you refuse that face?

First thing to do was wash off all that dust and scrub him with a toothbrush. Then,  because he has lovely glass eyes, I needed to protect them from paint and epoxy while I worked on the rest of him. So I covered them in masking tape, which makes him look super creepy.

Eerie, no?

Then I used baking soda and super glue to rebuild part of the missing ear, which I can then build on with epoxy.

His new ear armature

Coming up… new ear, repaired chips, and a new coat of paint.

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