Presenting… Frindle!

He was looking pretty scary in his last appearance, but he’s all cuteness now!

Coming soon… studio organizing madness!

6 responses to “Presenting… Frindle!

  1. Ooh, he’s super cute! :D But his eyes look a bit… dim, no?

    • The eyes are glass and I left them instead of repainting them. They are a lot more life like in person, although not as bright as many painted models. Maybe I should redo his photos before I show him and try to capture them better.

      • Ah, yes, I thought it might be the lightning. I did read in the other post that they are glass. ^^

      • Although actually I’ve been thinking about it, and I may decide to gloss over them. Also I realized in those pictures his eyes were a bit dusty and dirty- I need to retake them after cleaning and/or wetting the glass. Thanks for the comment- I wouldn’t have noticed!

  2. Wow, what a difference! He looks great!!

  3. Awww!! What an excellent rescue job you did! He is wonderful now.

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