Cheap Thrills: Hobby Storage

In anticipation of and excitement for our move to a new apartment this summer, I started a purging and reorganization of the studio this week. I was so excited I got up early to get to Goodwill for containers. And I was rewarded to be able to condense many of my disorganized boxes into this:

They’re even labeled!

I only wish I had a “before” picture to compare…this is MUCH more condensed, organized and practical!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to find plastic containers to use for hobby things at Goodwill or similar thrift stores. If you shop often you can easily find what you need and at a fraction of the item’s price new.

My main goal with this reorganization was to divide my hobby stuff into activities, so that all of my pastelling tools were in one container, prepping and sculpting in another, etc. Before I had too many little boxes, and I’ve transferred to fewer, slightly larger and more orderly containers. I’m particularly happy with this find, which now holds my pastel and colored pencil supplies.

I added the horse to cover a bit of damage on the top of the box

I was lucky to find the perfect container. Handily, you can sometimes make a thrift store find into the perfect container- with a bit of creativity and work. I had been using a bead container (easily found at Goodwill for half off the new price) for my tack. The only problem was that the divisions in the box weren’t quite right, and I couldn’t fit in my sticky wax or my smaller container of micro mini tack (it has little tiny pockets, perfect for those ridiculous .5 inch saddles). So I took my dremel and a large file to it and made it better.

Perfect! There’s still room for plenty of tack and when I finally do run out of space I’ll be able to find a similar container on the cheap and if necessary, modify it to fit my needs.

My deep love for storage containers may be a little over the top, but it sure does keep things orderly around here- and wherever my craft area will be in the new place.

2 responses to “Cheap Thrills: Hobby Storage

  1. Funny, I never thought to look at a thift store for storage containers! I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m up in town. :) All of my stuff needs to be organized yet again…
    I like what you did with the bead container too. I have a couple of those and always get annoyed with how small the boxes are. That will have to change! :D

    • Yeah, I’m so glad I discovered I could dremel the plastic. Just be careful not to go slip and slice through the bits you want intact. And if you don’t have one, invest in a big file ($2ish) to finish off the edges.

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