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I tend to work in batches, or maybe, herds… I’ll have a crop of horses being pastelled, a crop being sculpted, and quite a few in just the beginning stages of customization. The nice thing about this way of working is that when I sit down for studio time I have a parade of things to do within one area of activity, i.e. pastelling, so I can move from horse to horse putting on one layer on each and then seal them all. And repeat. Similarly I’ll line up all the horses being sculpted and have my ball of epoxy and go through working on each one.

I just finished up a batch of horses who are now slowly getting their photos taken and being added to my database and online show strings. I also have a few being painted, and today I find that I’ve got quite the herd about to graduate from primer and last minute touches to ready to paint.

Drying on the shelf after primer layers

So here’s what is up and coming on my work table- (links are to outdated in progress pictures)

In the “pastelling herd” I’ve got…

And in the “fresh primer herd”…

  • Alpo – Breyer G3 Standing Pony to snotty, misbehaving gelding with tossing head, gelding anatomy, new swishing tail, new mane, and upraised hind leg. He’ll be a white grey.
  • Typhoid Mary – Breyer G2 Trotting Shetland Pony with lowered headset, new tail, and dreadlocked, messy mane. She’ll be a semi-portrait of my friend’s rose grey Welsh mare.
  • Troy Soldier – Peter Stone Chips Mule with a new belled tail. He’ll be a chestnut pangare.
  • Breyer stablemate drastic custom – her front half is a G2 Saddlebred and her back half is a G1 Morgan Mare. She also has a new mane and tail. Undecided color!
Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have a couple of busy weekends coming up but hopefully I’ll find some time to sneak into the studio and work on these guys!

One response to “Coming up next…

  1. I love the “I work in herds” statement!
    Lots of little horses are lined up in wait, I see and I really like the colours you chose for them.

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