Full Body Hairing Prep

I’m excited to announce that I have gathered the materials for doing a full body hairing, following Ivorytower Stable’s excellent tutorials (parts 1 and 2). I chose a Safari Shetland Pony for my horse and a friend gifted me with some black, brown, and white yarn left over from crocheting, appropriately, a bay horse. I didn’t really want to invest $15 in three colors of yarn for a first attempt, and luckily I have crafty and generous friends.



…or something like that.

Yesterday I worked on removing the plastic mane and tail and fixing a few mold flaws.

Here he is with his new fetlocks and mouth, new wire tail, and general readiness to paint. He looks pretty rough, but it will be mostly covered up.

And today I gave him a basic paint job. It feels strange to be doing details like eyes on a horse with such a rough coat, but I have to remember that it will be covered with hair. But I do need to do all the painting detail that I’ll want on the parts that will show- hooves and eyes.

And here he is with most of his paint on

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully do some hoof details and gloss his eyes. Then he’ll relax nakedly on the shelf while I have a busy weekend, and we’ll see about giving him some hair next week.

2 responses to “Full Body Hairing Prep

  1. Squee! Oh I am most curious what a nice fuzzy pony you will turn him into. :D
    I wish you much fun on the upcoming Easter days.

  2. Eee, I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out! My blog feed wasn’t working properly so I’m only just catching up!

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