Nostalgia Time

The last weekend had multiple live shows around the US, including the NW Expo Model Horse Show in my hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. Back in the day I used to show in the novice division at this annual show. And since then I love to visit and see all the shiny ponies, even if I’m not showing. This year the show happened to fall on the weekend my in-laws were visiting, so I didn’t get to attend.

In the hopes of seeing pictures from this years show, I went to the show’s website. I’m sure that Tracy Durrell-Khalife, the show’s host, is still busy getting in the results to NAMSHA and it was overly optimistic of me to hope for pictures already. I didn’t find 2011 pictures, but I did find sometime else fun… two fuzzy pictures of my 12-year old self at a past show!

Setting up my OF Spotted Mule for the Longears Championship judge-off

The grey Brighty on the right is also mine, and is the only model of my childhood collection that I’ve kept

These were fun to find. I actually think Tracy has a picture or two of me winning NW Expo Novice championships, but I couldn’t find them on her site… I think I’ll email her to see if I can get a hold of them. Meanwhile I’ll maybe add one of these to my new About page.

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