More productive nostalgia

My lesson-teaching, barn-owning, pony-loving and all-around-awesome friend is looking for a new pony to add to her lesson program. We’ve been emailing ads back and forth and it’s made me nostalgic and made me really miss my own pony. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to drive down and see him for at least a week. So I turn to models for some pretend pony-owning.

My nostalgia made me get back to work on a portrait of my old school horse and first love (and heartbreak), Jaime. Jaime was a grey Quarter Horse gelding and my best friend for two years. He was a pretty leggy Quarter Horse, and I chose the Peter Stone Chips Stock Horse for his portrait. To add some expression I turned his head just slightly and twitched his ear.

Pastelling him has been sort of funny… he’ll probably never be much of a halter horse because I wanted him to look like the Jaime I remembered, and that means never clean. He’s dirty and has yellow and green stains from lying about in grass and… other horsey things. I added a little grey scar from where he stuck his foot through a wire fence and then waited patiently for someone to come discover and rescue him.

He isn’t quite done, but I couldn’t help but jump in and start him a bridle this evening. I need to go back and look at my pictures to check what bit I actually rode him in, but a plain jump-ring snaffle works for now.

One response to “More productive nostalgia

  1. Awww, he’s gorgeous, both in real life and model form! :D
    (and :O at that bridle! )

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