Blab Thread: Your Collecting Goals

There’s a thread going on Blab about model collection goals. I’m always intrigued by other people’s collection goals and thoughts on the whole plastic pony pandemic. Some highlights:

“My goal is to be able to display all my models in a way they can be appreciated I’ve sold off a bunch and now have room to spread out the ones I really love, and I would like for it to always be that way.” – Amy on page 1

“I want to appreciate every model I have and absolutely love everything about it.” – Jonesbug on page 4

“My goals are adding horses to the herd that I’ve been wanting for a long time […] I’ve challenged myself to purchase them with money (mostly) earned through the hobby. ” – Nichelle (of Desktop Stables) on page 7

“In 11 years of model horse collecting, my goal has not been attained and never changes: Tighten my focus. ” -Susan B on page 7

“I’m supposed to have goals? Uh oh…” – happytrails on page 10

I’m definitely on board with a constant focusing and downsizing to prevent overflowing. This morning, even before seeing this post, I had made a new model horse resolution to only have one simple custom on each mold- no doubles unless it’s a drastic custom! That will maintain uniqueness and keep the numbers down. I want every model to be special, and if I have too many in my collection I don’t see how that can be. I’ve been thinking about selling quite a few of my customs (you may notice I added a Sales page on here). We’ll see.

Also, Happy Star Wars Day! It’s May Fourth, as in “May the Fourth be with you.”

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