Surprise IMEHA Championship win!

The results from the May 2011 IMEHA show are starting to trickle in, and boy did I have a surprise when I went and checked my horses! I saw on the list serve email that the Custom Mini Show had been judged (IMEHA has separate “Custom Shows” for workmanship and “Conformation Shows” for halter/breed classes). I was flabbergasted to see, on my mare Sierra Roana’s page, this listing:

I was so surprised, in fact, that I went to the actual show results page because I thought this might be some kind of error. None of my models has ever placed in one of the big custom workmanship classes.

And when I went to the show results page I was in for an even bigger surprise!

She had not only won her class, but was also Champion of the Micro Mini or Stablemate (1996 – Current) division and Reserve Champion of the whole Custom Mini Show!

The only sad thing about this story is that shortly after I took that photo, Sierra Roana broke- the tiny, delicate stress points on her rear fetlocks gave out. I have every intention of fixing her, but it’s very difficult to get her exactly back in the same wonderful post that Maggie Bennett made her in. She’s the Micro Mini Bucking Horse sculpted by Maggie and cast in pewter by EquineArt Creations. The mold (and Maggie’s other amazing, tiny, detailed micros) are for sale straight from Maggie’s website.

I hope that I can do Sierra Roana justice and restore her to her former glory, once I’m unpacked from the move and all. I intend to get a thin acrylic rod from Myla Pearce and support her with the rod in her belly and the base. I had intended to update her finish as well, and now I really have something to live up to! I have to admit, of all the models I painted, this is not the one I would have guessed to win a Reserve Grand Championship in workmanship!

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