Packing Peanuts and Ponies

As it turns out, Laura Skillern (of Don’t Eat the Paint blog) is also moving soon, so we’ve both got packing ponies on the mind. She has a great tutorial on packing model horses for optimal safety.

Most of my horses are hardy beasts, and small, and they are easily packed in hard plastic tubs. I put each in a bubble wrap and/or felt pouch, and we’re good to go. A few get an extra bit of padding in necessary areas between small fragile pieces, such as swishy tails or upraised hooves.

Where Laura’s tutorial was particularly helpful for me was in packing my other horses- the ones that I don’t consider part of my collection, exactly, but are still in the basic sense of the term model horses. The most fragile of these is a large (Traditional+) porcelain Chinese horse with a base that I inherited from my great grandmother. I used to admire it as I looked out the window of her NYC apartment, and it’s very special to me. I used foam and tissue paper to pad his more delicate bits and then wrapped him in several layers of bubble wrap.

My kitty, Bookcase, assisted by shredding the tissue paper and keeping a watchful eye on the whole process.

Since I need to move all of my stuff, and the winter weather is finally clearing up, I used clothing to add to my packing. I took a good, solid, not-too-small box and lined it with my down vest. My Chinese horse stands up nicely inside it.

Riding in style

Around him I packed several other fragile things, and my not-so-fragile but still beloved Brighty.

Brighty already has his share of rubs, but I wouldn’t want to break off those great big ears!

Once everyone was packed and arranged tetris-style for optimal fit and stability, I filled in all the little gaps with crumpled newspaper and wool socks. Lastly, I labeled the box on all sides “FRAGILE” in permanent marker. We’re not hiring movers, but with so many boxes moving around during the process it’s good to be reminded when you need to take extra care.

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