Happy Performance Progress

I was excited to see the results for the MHOSS April/May show, and particularly the performance division. Although I love IMEHA for the ease of uploading and frequency of shows, the enormous number of divisions and classes (particularly in performance) means that much of the time I have no competition and am continuously winning classes of one entry (yay?) With MHOSS, I can actually see how much entries stack up against others.

I only have a few performance photos. Since I make every item of tack and prop for my horses, it’s slow going to make enough for a whole performance set up. I was happy to see that this month, two of my performance horses did fairly well considering the large classes they faced.

Rugby placed 7th out of 22 entries in Natural Pleasure

Joy-Rose placed 6th out of 19 in English Scene/Other English Performance with this in-hand trail set up

These may not be blue ribbon wins, but they are very satisfying placings! Particularly since everything in both pictures was made by me, including the horses and the trail diorama. I even took the background picture for Joy-Rose (it’s the arena I ride my own horse in!) although I do often use pictures from the internet in my photos.

I am excited to expand my performance show string once we get settled in our new apartment. We have a little balcony, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some nice naturally lit photos instead of fighting with artificial lights all the time. And I have some tack sets that are just a few fidgety-bits away from being ready to go.

One response to “Happy Performance Progress

  1. Oh I LOVE that Schliech entry! :D :D

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