Necking with Laura

Apologies to Laura Skillern, but she started it with her post title and I could not resist. Her post is a great introduction to sculpting horse necks, and all the things that can affect shape and size. And she says there’s more on the way!

I’m particularly excited about these neck tutorials because (prior to packing up the studio) I was working on a major neck resculpt for a stablemate whose in-progress title is “Head Down Mare.” Her front half is the G2 ASB and her back half is the G1 Morgan mare. She is on her way to being a snoozing mare.

This picture is rather outdated (for one, her topline is now level) but it shows the basic idea.

I’ve had to totally redo her neck, which is a first for me. Here are my two main reference pictures:

Image by © Gunter Marx Photography/CORBIS

I’m eager to get back to work on this sleepy gal, once I have established my new studio space… and gleaned more sage wisdom from Laura!

4 responses to “Necking with Laura

  1. Ooh that is a lovely pose, it will look so serene when done. :D
    Hope your move went well?

    • Actually, I haven’t quite moved yet- the official date is Friday and we’ll have the weekend to set up house. For now it’s all boxes and selling off furniture! I can’t wait to be back with my ponies.

  2. Oooh-er, drastic indeed! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
    (and HOW cute is the lying down chestnut with the stripe in the second photo?! ^^)

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