Pony-less Progress

We are now fully moved into our beautiful new apartment… though not exactly fully unpacked! Luckily we’ve had a lot of help…

Frances helps us pack up the fragile items

Bookcase guards the couch cushions while we load the U-Haul

Part of the organization has been the creation of my hobby shelf in the bedroom. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more organization that needs to happen before I can relax and actually get back to models. We’ve still got plenty in boxes, the closets and drawers are a mess… etc. And it’s difficult to relax and concentrate when the house is in such disarray. For now my crafting will be limited to things that aid the organization, like sewing loops onto the potholders so they can hang from the wall.

I am eagerly looking forward to getting back to my ponies, but for now I’m getting my fix by haunting other hobbyist’s blogs. I’m hoping to have a few posts coming with some “required reading”!

2 responses to “Pony-less Progress

  1. I see you have very competent help for you move! :D Hope all went well so far.
    And I totally agree, when the place is a mess, it is hard to focus on anything, I am just the same.

  2. Love that first pic! XD
    Having never moved house before I can’t offer any advice I’m afraid but I hope everything’s going well! :D

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