Ponies in Their Places

I think I can finally say that all of my hobby stuff in unpacked, organized, and moved in. I’ve got bits and pieces all over the apartment…

In the hallway…

The ponies on their new wall shelf above the books, with my horse book collection starting off to the left and my other Horse Shaped Objects below.

In the bedroom…

WiP horses congregate on my dresser. A few more are packed up while I concentrate on their friends. Hopefully this very public set up will help keep me motivated and focused.

Supply shelving at the end of the bed.

In the closet…

Above my clothes, the closet shelf is 85% horse supplies.

and under the bed.

More extra supplies and my body box are under the bed in slide out plastic containers

Phew! It feels good to have that done. At this point we are mostly moved in. We still need to put up wall art, organize the camping supplies, and buy and add a few new things. But it’s getting there. I’m very happy to have a lovely space to work in the main room, on our beautiful kitchen island. We may also be getting a counter-height bar table that I could potentially also use.

And (hurrah!) our lovely little balcony… there’s definitely some more photo showing in my future.

It’s starting to feel like home.

One response to “Ponies in Their Places

  1. Oooh, VERY organised! (and I’m loving that roany G2 WB rearing custom!) I love your kitchen too, really nice. :D

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