Off Topic, and yet…

I have quite a few hobby heroes whose blogs I follow, and one of them is the amazingly resourceful Christine Sutcliffe aka Elrenia Greenleaf of EA Equestrian, Equinox Stables, and Last Alliance Studios. What impresses me so much about Christine’s creation are the scope and creativity, particularly in her use of materials. She has several fully created yards for her horses.

A couple weeks ago I was blown away by yet another creation- a background for science-fiction photostories. I myself do not collect sci-fi figures or do photostories, but there is a lot to admire about and glean from Christine’s work.

She took a bunch of materials from around the house and made this totally realistic space ship wall.

How cool is that?

WOW. Just wow. And all those parts are plain ol’ household items. Check out this tagged flickr post to see what each and every bit was in its past life.

And if you still aren’t impressed, check out this prosthetic leg she made for one of her figures.

Photo and notes by Elrenia Greenleaf, posted on her Last Alliance Studios blog

I love the ballpoint pen connected to the coffee stirrer. Priceless.

A bit off topic, yes, but any hobbyist can learn a lot about creative resourcefulness from Christine’s work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create cool props and dioramas. But when you see some random item that could be something else in miniature, keep it in mind for your next project!

3 responses to “Off Topic, and yet…

  1. Oh wow thank you SO much! ^ ^
    My jaw literally dropped when I saw my name next to ‘hobby heroes’ :D :D :D
    I wasn’t feeling so good today and this has really cheered me up no end! :D

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