Must Have Reference

I’ve been super busy this week with my new job- I’ve been impressing my bosses by stepping up to cover flakier employees’ shifts and doing extra-curricular work at home. I’m super excited about everything that’s happening there… but it has been keeping me nearly too busy for ponies.

I have a couple blog posts in the works, but meanwhile check out the awesome new equine anatomy references I posted in my Useful Customizing Photos gallery. These new additions are from the University of Wisconsin’s digital archive, linked to on Fallen Leaves by Christine Sutcliffe and breyer08. They are drawings by Herman Dittrich from 1898.

I love the detail in these- the muscles and bones of bent legs, turned ears, underjaws and more!

Citation per U of W’s site: Ellenberger, Wilhelm, Hermann Baum, and Hermann Dittrich. 1898. Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler. Leipzig: Dieterichsche Verlagsbuchhandlung.

2 responses to “Must Have Reference

  1. Heh, I thought you’d appreciate those! It’s so handy to be able to see all the muscular structures and things so clearly!

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